Extension of the range of polishing wheels

We are introducing new types of Extol Premium Velcro foam polishing discs with different textures. It’s time to brighten up dull surfaces!

You can choose from four ranges, the colour of which will help you choose according to the type of work you are going to do. The discs come with a flat/smooth surface or the new “diamond” pattern surface texture for better heat dissipation.

Black series (T10 grit)
8804501, 8804511 (smooth)
8804531 (diamond pattern)
Very soft finishing polishing wheel for final polishing to an absolute shine and for applying liquid waxes and preservatives. With anti-hologram paste it is used for removing holograms after polishing.

Orange series (T40 grit)
8804504, 8804514 (smooth)
8804534 (diamond pattern)
A versatile and multi-purpose foam polishing wheel designed for both single stage polishing to achieve a final shine, and multi-stage polishing involving the use of a medium correcting paste or emulsion to retouch lighter auto paint damage.

Blue Series (T60 grit)
8804506, 8804516 (smooth)
8804536 (diamond pattern)
A foam polishing wheel specifically designed for repairing moderately damaged paintwork. Also used to remove P1500/2000 sandpaper marks and overspray. Used with coarse correction paste in multi-stage polishing.

Yellow series (T80 grit)
8804508, 8804518 (smooth)
8804538 (diamond pattern)
Foam polishing wheel specifically designed for aggressive sanding and retouching of deep scratches, overspray, heavy paint damage, P1200/1500 sandpaper marks and heavy oxidation in conjunction with coarse correction paste in multi-stage polishing.

We wish you all the best!

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