LED fluorescent lamps – even more environmentally friendly lighting

Greater environmental friendliness is the topic of the day. One small step is another new product in our range – energy-saving LED fluorescent lamps.

With their roughly half the consumption, the new LED fluorescent lamps are the successor to the classic fluorescent lamps. But not only because of their energy efficiency – LED fluorescent lamps are much more environmentally friendly because they do not contain mercury or other heavy metals that are released into the air when a fluorescent lamp breaks.

Our LED fluorescent tubes are ready for easy replacement of existing fluorescent tubes. Simply replace the starter in the original fixture with the included LED “starter” and simply replace the tube. No need to call an electrician and change the wiring of the light. A description of all the wiring is in the enclosed instructions.

The tubes are made of polycarbonate plastic which makes them more impact resistant. So far, you can find them in the range in three sizes (60-120-150 cm) and neutral white light colour (4000 K).

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