1/2 Electric Impact Wrench, 850 W, 330 Nm

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Look no further than the EXTOL PREMIUM 1/2 electric impact wrench, a must-have for automobile repairs, steel structure assembly, and a multitude of other tasks.

power consumption




max. torque


tool carrier

1/2" square head



packaging info

weight: 3.83 kg
size: 31.5 x 26.5 x 10.5 cm



Our 1/2 electric impact wrench, specifically designed for efficiently tightening and loosening nuts and bolts, boasts an 850W motor, delivering an impressive speed of up to 2100 revolutions per minute. Its unique impact mechanism enhances the motor’s power during tightening or loosening operations, providing quick and smooth functionality that drastically reduces your work time. The tool features a formidable maximum torque of 330Nm and a 1/2″ square head. This immense force ensures that even the most stubborn nuts and bolts can be easily handled. Further, weighing in at 3.2kg, this electric impact wrench strikes the perfect balance between power and user comfort. It operates at a voltage/frequency of 230V/50Hz, aligning with standard power outlets. Consequently, contact us today and invest in this tool.

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