1200 W Smallest Electric Lawn Mower

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Simple lawnmower designed for regular cutting of smaller (up to 400m2) well maintained lawns (e.g. around your cottage, house, etc.) Features a 35 l basket, three adjustable mowing heights 25/40/55 cm, and a cutting width of 320 mm. Silent due to its electric drive, almost maintenance-free (with the exception of occasional lubrication).

  • low lawnmower weight enables easier handling by elderly people, on steeper slopes, and during transportation
  • once folded up, the small size of the lawnmower means it can be stored in confined spaces
  • the hook prevents the socket pulling out so that the power supply cable does not disconnect when cutting
  • safety lock stops the hedge trimmer when it slips out of your hands
Instead of struggling with a massive lawn mower that requires too much energy to control, you should consider using the smaller lawn mower versions. These smaller lawn mowers are perfect for people who only need to cut grass in their backyards or a smaller area. The smallest electric lawn mower work perfectly and have similar features to the bigger versions.

Advantages of Using the Smallest Electric Lawn Mower

These smaller models provide many advantages, and from customer reviews, they hardly need to use the larger lawnmowers after testing these smaller electric versions. Here are the top reasons why you should consider using electric lawn mower:

Portable Design

Since they are lightweight, you can use these models on slopes and higher terrains without stress. No worries about storage space when using these smaller models because they occupy minimal space when you need to keep them after use.

Rear Basket

These lawn mowers come with a rear basket when the grass clippings gather while using the small lawn mower. The rear basket, acting as a grass catcher, can hold a sizeable amount of grass clippings, making them very helpful features.

Excellent Cutting Width

The cutting width is perfect for different grass lengths. You can effectively use these smaller lawnmowers to keep those lawns trimmed and neat.

Safety Features

There is a hook that prevents the power cord from disconnecting while in use. Also, the safety lock disconnects the hedge trimmer if the controller slips from your fingers.

Product Description

Power Consumption Rating

The small-sized electric lawn mower only needs a power input of 230V/50Hz to function perfectly. The system consumes about 1200W while in use.

Cutting Height

The hedge trimmer is designed to handle a cutting height of 25 mm to 55 mm, and it chops grass at a speed of 3450 per minute.

Rear Basket Capacity

The basket for collecting grass clippings can hold up to 35 liters, which is adequate for mowing a lawn that measures up to 400 square meters.

Product Weight

These small-sized lawnmowers weigh only 8 kg, making them portable and easy to carry around when necessary. These lawnmowers are efficient and durable. They are also easy to maintain. They come with four sturdy wheels that move smoothly over grass clippings while keeping the grass catcher at a good height above the lawn.

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power consumption




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cutting height


for the lawn

400 m2

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packaging info

weight: 8.8 kg
size: 56.0 x 38.0 x 31.0 cm

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