hot-wire polystyrene cutter

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Polystyrene cutter designed for precise shape cutting using a hot wire, for short cuts, and for cutting larger objects with a knife as well as engraving (writing, drawing) with the provided attachment. The hot-wire cutter is suitable mainly for making models and decorations from polystyrene, for cutting precise shapes in polystyrene thermal insulation.

additional parameter

5 V DC, 100-240 V / 50 Hz, fork span: 170 mm, knife: 98 mm, engraving attachment: 34 mm

packaging info

weight: 0.325 kg
size: 30.0 x 21.5 x 4.0 cm

  • the fork string is used for precise cutting in, for example, thick polystyrene
  • the cutting knife is used for cutting larger planar objects
  • the engraving attachment is used for writing texts or drawing on polystyrene

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