heat gun with continuous temperature and air flow control, 2,000 W

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Heat guns are designed for warming surfaces to remove coatings (paint, varnish), drying freshly painted surfaces, shaping and connecting plastics (e.g. pipes) and asphalt coverings, releasing bonded joints, soldering and defrosting water in pipes, gentle drying, burning grass and moss in less accessible places, etc. The heat gun features a large, easy-to-read LCD display.



power consumption




air flow


carrying case





stainless steel attachments

packaging info

weight: 2.32 kg
size: 34.0 x 27.0 x 11.0 cm

  • continuous, light-to-the-touch temperature control during operation, with the temperature displayed with the help of the ceramic heating element and microprocessor control
  • the ceramic rings of the heating element distribute the temperature evenly around the heating cylinder, resulting in more precise and controllable temperature regulation. The ceramic element ensures more efficient heat exchange
  • the microprocessor-controlled thyristor provides simple and precise value setting, protection against damage, and prolongs the heat gun’s service life
  • the set parameters (temperature and flow) are saved before the heat is switched off or there is a power failure, remaining set when the heat gun is restarted again
  • light-to-the-touch electronic air flow control (dryer) during operation in the range of 250-500 l/min
  • two temperature modes: one with temperature up to 50°C for defrosting or gentle drying, and the other with adjustable temperature in the range of 50-650°C

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