folding edge and punching hole pliers, 290 mm

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  • at one end, the pliers feature punching jaws, and at the other, folding jaws. This enables the punching of holes with ⌀ 5 mm and the folding/profiling of sheet metal edges/seams to a depth of up to 13 mm from the edge of the sheet.
  • the pliers are used for the adjustment or joining of sheet metal parts, e.g. during repairs/welding car bodies

additional parameter

punching: punching mandrel ⌀ 5mm, punching jaw width 20 mm, punching of sheet metals up to a max. thickness of aluminium 1.6 mm / steel 1.3 mm / stainless steel 0.8 mm. folding: folding jaw depth 13 mm, width 22 mm (optimally up to a thickness of 1 mm).

technical parameters

290 mm

packaging info

weight: 1.2 kg
size: 33.0 x 11.0 x 3.0 cm

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