angle grinder, 150 mm, 1,400 W

Model: 8892040 Category:


Powerful grinder for demanding cutting and grinding work, deburring weld seams, etc. The powerful 1400W motor driving the grinder can easily handle even difficult material. To ensure the longest possible life of the grinder during demanding work, we use only the best components – extremely durable gears made of quality alloy 20MnCr5 steel, Japanese needle roller bearings, and quality switch. For pleasant work, the grinder is equipped with a slow start, so that when switched on, the jerk is minimized and it can be used on conventional electrical wiring. The motor windings are armored which increases the durability of the sander even under prolonged use in dusty environments. Working in all positions is made easier by the practical shape of the head, allowing the sander to be placed on its “back” in any working environment. The symmetrical ergonomic design of the sander is also suitable for left-handed users. The carbons are accessible from the outside of the machine for easy maintenance.

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