Variable Speed Angle Polisher, 1100 W

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Transform your polishing operations with our variable speed angle polisher, a tool conceived to boost your efficiency while delivering exquisite results.



power consumption


wheel diameter


spindle thread





electronic speed control, Soft Start, permanent speed maintenance system




lambswool polishing pad

packaging info

weight: 3.275 kg
size: 44.0 x 18.0 x 13.5 cm

Equipped with a robust 1,100W motor, our agile angle polisher is the definitive tool for swift, dry polishing across various surfaces, from vehicle exteriors to floorings and chromed surfaces to waxing and descaling projects. Thanks to its suitability with abrasive paper, it can double up as an efficient aid in stripping off surface treatments such as paint, varnish, corrosion, or patina. It also showcases a 180mm wheel diameter, a flexible speed spectrum of 1000-3000 RPM, and a universal M14 spindle thread. Engineered with advanced features like electronic speed control, soft start, and a permanent speed maintenance system, this variable speed angle polisher pledges steady performance, even at lower speeds. Further enhancing its appeal is the ergonomic D-handle and a lightweight footprint (2.4kg), promoting long hours of operation without fatigue. It also features a convenient velcro for quick pad replacements and a lambswool pad to ensure top-notch polishing results. In essence, our variable speed angle polisher brings you the perfect blend of power, adaptability, and user-friendly operation. Make the smart choice for your polishing needs today!

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