analogue soldering station with continuous temperature control, 40 W

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Analogue soldering station designed especially for soft soldering that requires a high degree of precision and tip temperature control, i.e. mainly in electronics and imitation jewellery. It can also be used for fine cutting, connecting plastics, and burning designs into wood.



power consumption



detachable stand

weight (without cable)


packaging info

weight: 0.83333 kg
size: 20.0 x 15.5 x 10.5 cm

  • the thin tip and pen-like hold enable precision soldering
  • the soldering station enables fine temperature control depending on the material’s sensitivity to temperature; one millimeter of scale circumference represents a change in temperature of approximately 5°C
  • rubberized handle for firm and comfortable grip during work
  • long cable ensures easy and comfortable work
  • the soldering station can be permanently placed on a worktop

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