Gas Frame Nailer

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Upgrade your wood construction arsenal with this EXTOL gas frame nailer, a powerful tool that delivers exceptional performance, efficiency, and durability.


7,2V Li-ion (2x)

battery capacity


magazine capacity

50 nails

cadence strikes


type of nails


nail head

⌀7mm, D-type

nail length


carrying case


battery charging approx



oil can

weight (including battery)


battery capacity (nails)


cartridge capacity (nails)


impact power


packaging info

weight: 7.67 kg
size: 48.0 x 42.0 x 16.0 cm

angle of inclination


Perfect for demanding tasks like truss assembly, formwork production, or full wooden building construction, our gas frame nailer is designed to tackle the toughest challenges on the job site. It uses ⌀2.87-3.3mm D-type nails with a ⌀7mm head, with nail lengths ranging from 50-90mm. Featuring a nail depth adjustment mechanism, it allows you to customize the depth of each nail for perfect placement. And it boasts a cadence of 20 strikes per minute and a magazine capacity of 50 nails, ensuring continuous, uninterrupted operation. The nailer is powered by a 7.2V Li-ion battery with a capacity of 1500Ah, providing enough power to drive approximately 5000 nails per charge. Charging time is approximately 2 hours, minimizing downtime and increasing productivity. Also, a single gas cartridge can drive up to 1200 nails, illustrating the efficiency of this tool. Furthermore, weighing in at 3.7kg (including battery), the tool provides substantial power without being overly heavy. With a substantial impact power of 80J and a nail inclination angle of 34°, it combines power and precision. Its additional features include a convenient belt hook for easy transportation and storage, easy replacement of the gas cartridge, and an included oil can for maintenance. Hence, contact us today and invest in this frame nailer!

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