150 W Smallest Air Compressor for Painting

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Silent piston compressor designed for use with airbrushes and other air tools, e.g. staplers, blow guns, etc. Perfect for inflating bicycle and car tyres. Equipped with a separator for condensate and impurities in the air. includes air outlet adaptor from 1/4″ to 1/8″



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weight: 6 kg
size: 33.0 x 15.0 x 3.3 cm

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If you often have to do DIY painting projects, you do not need to spend too much money buying a large-size air compressor. The smaller air compressors for painting furniture and other things will work just fine. We have found out that air compressors work perfectly if they are correctly designed to keep the proper air pressure and have a functional spray gun for spray painting. The small air compressors for painting jobs are also easy to use and portable. With average painting expertise, you can get excellent results when using these small air compressor models.

How Small Air Compressor for Painting Jobs Work

The operating process is easy to learn. All the user needs to do is fill up the air tank, check the pressure gauge, and spray gun. After the necessary tests, they can start the painting job. However, you should have prior training in painting to get the best results. The user can evenly coat any surface by applying pressure on the paint gun to release the spray paint. After completing the task, or in between breaks, turning off the paint gun will stop the flow until they need to use the air compressor again.

Benefits of Using a Small Air Compressor for Painting

Many professionals will argue that the smallest air compressor for painting is the best model for the job. They argue that the results are the same compared to a bigger air compressor for painting. They claim the outcomes ultimately depend on the user’s expertise with the best air compressor for spray painting. Here are the benefits of using these small best air compressor models:

Portable Air Compressor

These small air compressor models for painting are easier because of their small size. Considering that the user will need to move around a lot, especially when they are auto painting, they won’t need to struggle with the burden of using a bigger air compressor. The portable air compressor also does not require large storage space, and the parts are readily available on the market.

Excellent Spray Guns

The spray guns work flawlessly and can be used for long hours without fail. The spray guns are the best outlet for compressed air, and the paint sprayer is durable.

Adequate Tank Volume

The tank size is designed to hold enough pressure and content for small painting jobs. This is perfect for users who need to complete quick projects within an average budget.

Noiseless Operation

Anyone can use these small air compressor models for DIY painting jobs in residential areas because they are low-noise equipment. The piston air compressor can work for long hours without causing noisy disruptions, which is convenient for people with projects in their neighborhoods.

Product Description – Extol Premium Small Air Compressor

These are among the small air compressor models on the market, and the customer reviews are excellent. These smallest air compressors work smoothly and are affordable. They are the best models for simple DIY painting tasks in and around your home. Here are the features of this product:

Voltage and Power Consumption Rating

These small air compressor models only need a voltage input of 230V/50Hz frequency to perform at an optimal level. The power rating for this model is 150W, which is reasonable.

Tank Volume

The small-sized air compressor has a tank volume that can hold 3 liters, this quantity is adequate for average painting projects, and the user may not finish the tank’s content before completing the job.

Weight and Size

The air compressor weighs about 5.4 kg, which makes it really easy to carry about during projects. Also, the dimensions are 33x15x3.3 cm, making them easy to ship bulk numbers to any global location. The weight of a package ready for shipping is 6 kg, and they are securely packaged to prevent damage while in transit.

Maximum Pressure

These small air compressor models can produce a maximum pressure of 6 bar, which is adequate to maintain a paint sprayer speed of 2850 per minute. This means using these air compressors is fast and convenient to get the job done without hassles.


The accessories best fit these small paint sprayer models to help eject the paint or compressed air. The quick coupler socket is the most suitable accessory for the air compressor. The accessories allow the user to maintain constant pressure while spraying paint continuously to get a shiny factory like finish. The small compressor is also super-durable and needs minimal maintenance, making them suitable for busy people who need to get more painting work done quickly.

Physical Appearance

The air compressors have four sturdy legs to keep the air tank and engine stable while in use. They also have a pressure gauge for monitoring the tank’s pressure. Also, they have the on and off switch and other sockets for connecting the external accessories.

Order in Bulk

Investing in the smallest air compressor for painting is a great idea because they are always in high demand. Send us your customer contact form with your phone number and email to allow one of our team members to reach out to you and help process your order.

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