Electric Screwdriver Drill, 300 W, 35 Nm

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Discover this EXTOL electric screwdriver drill, a power-packed tool that combines the torque of standard cordless versions with the endurance of a power tool.

power consumption



I. 0-400/min, II. 0-1450/min

max. torque


tool carrier

quick-release head 0.8-10 mm


3 m cable



packaging info

weight: 1.76 kg
size: 27.0 x 24.5 x 8.0 cm



With a power consumption of only 300W, our electric screwdriver drill offers two-speed functionality, allowing you to switch between 0-400/min and 0-1450/min for optimal performance. It is specifically designed for drilling wood and metals effortlessly while excelling at tightening or loosening threaded connections. Equipped with a maximum torque of 35Nm, this drill ensures efficient performance across various tasks. The quick-release head on the tool carrier, with a bit range of 0.8-10mm, makes it convenient and easy to change bits. What sets this tool apart is its lightweight design, weighing only 1.2kg compared to cordless versions. This feature significantly reduces fatigue during prolonged work periods, allowing for increased productivity and comfort. Plus, it comes with a long 3m cable, providing sufficient range around your workspace. With 230V/50Hz voltage/frequency, it’s a practical tool for any household. Additionally, the screwdriver body provides easy access to carbon brushes, facilitating straightforward replacement if required. Hence, enjoy all the benefits of a cordless drill at a significantly lower cost with our EXTOL PREMIUM electric screwdriver drill.

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