Self-levelling cross laser

It is very likely that your classic spirit level will start to gather dust thanks to the Extol Premium 8823306 self-levelling cross laser. Easy, precise and hands-free. And here are a few extra benefits of this model.

Green light
Unlike conventional lasers, this model features a green light, not a red light. This makes it easy to see and work with, even outdoors where the red light is lost.

Self-levelling function
Thanks to the high-quality mechanics, the laser beam self-aligns itself to the exact position within a short while.

Magnetic holder
Thanks to the adjustable magnetic mount, you can easily mount the laser without using a tripod.

Practical accessories
In addition to the lightweight aluminium tripod, you can also add another new feature to the laser: a pole tripod, which allows you to position the laser at almost any height in space.

And you can play laser tag with it… Check it out! 🙂

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