The Best Cordless Hammer Drill

We often need to drill holes when installing new furniture or to do mini construction projects. While it seems like just putting holes in surfaces, not all drilling is easy unless you have the right tools. The hammer drill is one of the best solutions for putting neat holes in all surfaces. Consider buying a hammer drill if you constantly struggle with putting holes in rigid surfaces. The hammer drill is designed just for that purpose.

best cordless hammer drill

Also, you can save time and money using the best cordless hammer drill. This is so because using other methods to drill holes through tiles or brick walls can damage the surface. That is bad because you may need to redo the entire wall. But with a cordless hammer drill, you get the neatest holes.

The experts suggest buying the best cordless hammer drill because they have too many advantages, so you should be interested in them. For example, these cordless hammer drills are super convenient to use. You can find a power source if you need to work in different positions on the project site. Also, they are not heavy, so there is no strain on those muscles.

But what are the best cordless hammer drills? We have found the top options you should consider buying on the market. The cordless drill is quite a popular product because many people need to use it often. However, to get the best experience, you need to use tested and trusted cordless drills like the ones recommended in this article.

The Top-Rated Cordless Hammer Drills Online

1. Extol Industrial Cordless Hammer Drill Share 20V 8791818


This model should top your list if you are looking for an industrial cordless hammer drill with fast drilling capacity. The pneumatic hammer drill can bore a neat hole through strong surfaces without a fuss. It is easy to handle; many describe it as one of the best power tools.

The cordless hammer drill is designed for SDS plus drill bits and chisels. Also, it comes with the LED light feature, which works with a delayed switch-off system. This helps the user aim correctly and get the right results when boring holes through walls or other tough surfaces. The unit has an excellent battery life, so no worries when working long hours. And the charging indicator allows you to monitor battery life, which is great because you can plan your work schedule and charge the battery when needed—the battery charges in about 55 minutes.

There is a chisel lock feature for safety; you will find the slip clutch feature very convenient.

Product Features

  • 20V Li-ion battery with 2000 mAh capacity
  • Fast speed 0-1400/min
  • Impressive number of hammer hits 0-4500/min
  • 1.7 j impact force
  • Reverse run capability
  • Battery indicator
  • Brushless motor
  • Max drilling into wood – 28mm
  • Max drilling into concrete – 22mm
  • Max drilling into steel – 13mm
  • Weight 2.3 kg

This is one of the best cordless hammer drills suitable for busy contractors and other users who often handle DIY projects in their homes.

2. Extol Premium Cordless Hammer Drill 8891819


This model is on our list of the best cordless hammer drill because it has the remarkable features everyone looks out for. First, this is a premium cordless hammer drill with two speeds, and you will find the reverse run feature very convenient. Also, it is designed for the SDS drill bits and can be used for fast drilling because the model comes with a pneumatic hammer.

The cordless hammer drill is perfect for drilling neat holes in bricks and concrete. It is also suitable for putting holes in steel. The experts recommend this model because it is sturdy and made from high-quality materials. Therefore, this is one of the best cordless hammer drills that can last for many years, giving top value for money.

Here are the features of the cordless hammer drill:

Product Features

  • Excellently designed SDS plus handle
  • Sturdy slip clutch
  • 20V Li-ion battery
  • Dual speed settings
  • 1.2j impact force
  • Number of hammer hits 0 – 5000/min
  • Max drilling into wood 20 mm
  • Max drilling into concrete 20 mm
  • Max drilling into steel 10 mm
  • Weight 2.1 kg

Considering the product’s weight, this portable cordless drill can be easily moved from one location to another. This makes it an excellent option for busy contractors who need to work fast with the cordless drill. Also, these power tools are easy to use when drilling a neat hole because they have an LED light feature. The LED light illuminates the spot you need to drill a hole in steel, concrete or wood.

The model has a fantastic reverse run feature that allows the user to overcome challenges if there is a jam in the drill driver section. The reverse run feature helps dislodge the jammed drill bit, so the user can continue working with a seamless hammer function.

In addition, the two-speed feature is easy to use. It allows the user to drill holes at two different speed settings. The two settings are the 0 – 300/min speed setting and the 0 – 1000/min speed setting. This unique feature makes this Extol premium cordless drill stand out from the other options on the market.

While it comes with a 2000 mAh battery, this is one of the power tools that can be set to a hammer drill mode using a larger capacity battery. For example, contractors who need to work for longer hours drilling holes can replace a 2000 mAh battery with a 4000 mAh battery. The drill driver will work perfectly whether you use any of these batteries for the power tool.

The Extol premium bare tool for drilling holes is also affordable. It is an excellent budget power tool, making it one of the top cordless hammer drills on the market.

3. Extol Premium Share 20V 8891805


This is one of the best cordless drill models with notable safety features. It is a compact model with two separate hammer mode options and excellent battery power. The drill driver design is perfect for drilling large holes and smaller ones. The model qualifies as one of the best cordless drills because it has a high-quality belt hook and metal locking chuck.

The two-speed transmission options allow the user to choose the best speed for their project. Also, this standard drill driver is compatible with a mechanical hammer, making it a great cordless hammer drill for different surfaces. The rotary hammers that come with this cordless hammer drill are of the best quality. Also, the portable cordless hammer drill is easy to carry and store after use.

Product Features

  • Impressive number of hammer hits 0 – 20000/min
  • Dual speed settings
  • Battery indicator
  • 20V Li-ion battery
  • 2 – 13 mm drill bit diameter
  • Max torque range from 20 – 40 Nm
  • Weight – 1.7 kg
  • 1/2 “metal quick-release head

The dual-speed feature is excellent as it allows amateurs to become better with the cordless hammer drill before trying out higher speeds. The two-speed options are 0 – 450/min and 0 – 1600/min. Also, the cordless drill comes with a carrying case, which makes it possible to keep all its accessories in one place. The carrying case also protects the drill driver when it is not in use.

This is a versatile cordless hammer drill because it can deliver torque up to sixteen levels. This makes it a heavy duty cordless drill suitable for different projects. Also, the drill driver is designed to fit into tight spaces. This is a notable feature that makes this model best for busy contractors.

In addition, the lightweight design makes it easy to handle the cordless drill and change the drill bit if necessary. The user can use their spare hand to change the drill bit, so the product’s design is excellent.

Finally, the battery charges fast, which is convenient for regular users. Also, the battery has a slow discharge rate, and the trigger is sensitive, so the user will not need to apply too much pressure on it while using the cordless hammer drill.

4. Extol Industrial Cordless Hammer Drill 8791801


This lightweight cordless hammer drill is designed with heavy duty features and can drill into different materials. Lithium-ion batteries are reliable and can last for many years. Also, these are top-rated cordless tools that have impressive power output. You can use them to drill holes in wood, concrete or steel.

The brushless motor is designed to work at two speeds, allowing the user to choose their preferred speed when handling different projects. This heavy duty cordless hammer drill is great for DIY projects, just like a regular drill, and it is also a good choice for massive industrial projects.

The high-grade battery is one of the key features. It is a 20V Li-ion battery that can last for extended periods. Also, the LED light is bright enough to allow the user to do a neat job, and it is easy to handle this cordless hammer drill even when it is working at top speed.

Product Features

  • Weight 1.7 kg
  • Excellent metal quick-release head
  • Impressive number of hammer hits 0 – 28000/min
  • 20V Li-ion, 2000mAh battery
  • Dual speed settings
  • 1.5 – 13 mm drill bit diameter
  • Max torque 40 – 65 Nm
  • Compatibility with different accessories, drill bits and bit holder

This cordless drill comes with a carrying case. This essential feature makes it easy to carry the hammer drill and other accessories without stress. Also, the two-speed function is one of the key features. You can set the hammer drill to work at speed settings of 0 – 500/min and 0 – 1800/min, depending on the task you need to complete.

How to Choose the Best Cordless Hammer Drill

cordless hammer drill

You need a cordless hammer drill that can perform at the capacity that you need for your project. The cordless drill hammer models have different features and operating modes. Therefore, you should know more about its features to choose correctly.

We have written some essential features you must consider when choosing your cordless hammer drill.

Brushless Motor

It is best to buy a cordless hammer drill with a brushless motor. Users can find proof that any cordless drill has this feature because it will be specified on the product description page. The brushless motor is a key feature because it helps improve the cordless drill hammer’s efficiency. Also, it helps the user manage the speed and gives the drill the capacity to deliver a higher torque. In addition, the brushless motors generate lower operating sound, reducing the risks of noise pollution.

Durable Construction

You can get more value when you buy a cordless hammer drill with sturdy features. Another excellent feature to look out for is the device’s construction and design. That means there is a guarantee the cordless hammer drill will last for many years.

One way to confirm whether the cordless hammer drill has a durable design is by reading customer reviews. You will see reviews indicating that the owner is impressed with the design and they have been using their product for many years.

High Torque Capacity

Buying a cordless hammer drill with high torque is best because it helps improve the drill driver capacity. High torque improves the brushed motor functions and supports hammer drilling tough surfaces. Using a cordless hammer drill with high torque capacity is best for busy contractors who need to work fast to complete their projects.

Variable Speed Trigger

The best cordless hammer drills have variable speed settings. These are products that are distinct from the standard drill. The variable speed trigger allows the user to choose the speed suitable for the hammer mode and project. Thankfully, we have reviewed some of the best cordless drill models with two-speed settings, which should be your priority when making a purchase.

Reverse Run Feature

Using a cordless hammer drill with the reverse run feature is best because there will hardly be delays when working on a project. The reverse run feature makes it easy to remove broken bits stuck in the drill driver. Also, the user can operate the drill bit in an anti-clockwise direction, which is necessary when handling some particular projects. It takes little skill to use the forward and reverse features. You will only need to use the correct settings.

HEPA and Safety Features

Buying a cordless hammer drill with safety features is a great idea. For example, having a handle made with high-quality rubber helps the user balance the hammer drill. Also, a good handle will reduce vibrations, making it easy to keep the drill steady and lowering the risk of injury.

Adjustable Handle Depth

It is best to have the freedom to adjust the hammer drill’s handle during projects. This is a common feature with many products, so you should look out for it.

Fast Charging

It is a good idea to buy a cordless hammer drill that comes with a high-quality battery and fast charging system. This means even if the battery dies suddenly, you can get back to work quicker if the battery charges fast.

LED Light and Battery Indicator

Using a cordless hammer drill with built-in LED light is easier because it allows the user to drill the perfect holes in darker places. Also, the battery indicator makes it easy to monitor battery strength while using the cordless drill.

Lightweight Multifunctional Cordless Hammer Drill

Buying a heavy hammer drill is not a good idea. It would be best if you went for lightweight models that allow you to use them for extended periods.

Why Should you use the Best Cordless Hammer Drill for Concrete?

There are so many reasons why you should choose any of the cordless hammer drills we have reviewed for putting holes in concrete. The top reason is that these cordless drills have excellent power output and torque. The other reasons for drilling concrete with a hammer drill include the following:

  • Compatibility with different masonry materials and bits
  • Lower risk of fatigue after drilling holes in concrete
  • Excellent maneuverability
  • Versatile features

The cordless hammer drill has been proven to be among the best power tools for handling projects involving concrete. They are excellent craftsman tools.

Final Words

SDS is an abbreviation for the slotted drive system, a top feature in heavy-duty cordless hammer drills. A hammer drill can work as a regular drill, so it is a better option because of its versatility. Also, it would be best if you choose a hammer drill when you need to put holes in concrete, wood, or steel. Finally, you should read the manufacturer’s manual and study all the features of the cordless hammer drill before you start using it.

Buy Cordless Hammer Drills in Bulk

We have reviewed the best cordless hammer drill models with versatile features. You will have an excellent experience with any of the top options we recommend. You can buy them in bulk from our company. All you need to do is send us a completed customer contact form, and we will process your order.

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