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roofing air compressor

The Roofing Air Compressors

Roofing air compressors are among the pneumatic tools roofing engineers use to get their job done right. These air compressors can generate enough pressure to correctly force nails through the roofing panels. And they are helpful when performing a whole lot of other tasks. Projects such as roofing, sandblasting, or spraying need to be done

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Air Compressor for Car Painting

The Air Compressor for Car Painting

Some tools significantly simplify the life of professionals, including spray painters. The air compressor for car painting, large or small, supply lots of power to paint sprayers used to paint automobiles, sidewalks, homes, and fencing. It is unlikely to execute a superior paint job or paint quickly and with power without the right air compressor.

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The Most Secure Padlock for Your Home or Business

After investing in growing your business, buying assets, and improving your home, you need to keep everything secure. Getting insurance is one excellent option. However, you need to secure the physical environment by using the most secure padlock. Talking about padlocks, there are many types you will find on the market. You have options like

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LED tubes-18

LED fluorescent lamps – even more environmentally friendly lighting

Greater environmental friendliness is the topic of the day. One small step is another new product in our range – energy-saving LED fluorescent lamps. With their roughly half the consumption, the new LED fluorescent lamps are the successor to the classic fluorescent lamps. But not only because of their energy efficiency – LED fluorescent lamps

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Multifunctional milling machine 710W

We’ve been waiting all last year for this new compact milling machine in Extol Industrial’s top-of-the-range range, but it’s even more impressive. It’s equipped with a reliable motor and packed with accessories. With three interchangeable bases, it allows for both convenient plunge and plunge cutting as well as copying internal or external shapes. You’ll appreciate

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New catalogue 2020

If you prefer flipping through a classic catalogue, we have one for you – the new catalogue for 2020 has just been published on 1 March. On 480 pages you will find almost 4000 products from Extol, Heron, Fortum and others, including many new products. Comparing the parameters of related products with each other in

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