surface pumps

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    Extol’s Powerful and Reliable Surface Pumps

    Extol offers a range of powerful and reliable surface pumps perfect for home irrigation, water supply, and transferring liquids. With wattages from 500W to 1100W, flow rates up to 9500 liters per hour, and max working pressures of 3-4 bar, Extol’s surface pumps provide versatile performance for residential, commercial, and industrial pumping applications.

    Models include jet pumps with and without integrated tanks for water storage. Pressure switches allow easy monitoring.

    Extol surface pumps only require access to an electrical outlet to operate. Their durable thermoplastic housings withstand tough working conditions.

    As a wholesale manufacturer, Extol does not sell directly to consumers. Contact one of our distributors to inquire about purchasing Extol surface pumps for your water transfer needs.

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