sharpening stones and sharpeners

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    Keep Blades Razor Sharp with Extol’s Sharpening Stones and Sharpeners

    Extol offers a wide selection of professional-grade sharpening stones and sharpeners to keep all your cutting tools in peak condition.

    Our diamond grit sharpeners utilize industrial diamond coating for superior abrasion resistance and edge retention. With multiple integrated slots, our 5-function model handles knives, scissors, gardening shears, axes, and more. For more tailored sharpening, our single-grit diamond files deliver consistent 400-grit sharpness in a durable 26 cm design.

    Our premium sharpening stones hold their shape better than lower-quality stones. Just add water while sharpening for a clean, burr-free edge. With the right sharpening techniques, these stones can restore an extremely fine, polished edge for straight razors, wood carving tools, and other delicate blades.

    Rely on Extol’s sharpeners and stones for razor-sharp cutting performance with every use. Designed to withstand heavy workshop and industrial use, our sharpening tools deliver reliable, long-lasting service.

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