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Extol Share20V / Project for one battery

Extol Share20V / Project for one battery The single battery system, which allows the battery to be shared between different cordless tools, is slowly becoming the standard. Such a system will not only make your job easier by taking the worry out of maintaining many different batteries, but is above all much more environmentally friendly

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We work with a pneumatic nailer

Pneumatic nailers are an excellent tool for joining wood, for example, building wooden structures, attaching DTD or OSB panels and tiles, fixing mouldings, creating furniture, etc. Thanks to their lightweight construction and simple operation, they save you a lot of effort!

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The grinder that does more

A small and extremely powerful angle grinder designed for cutting and grinding work, deburring weld seams, etc., which can also be used for polishing or special jobs requiring a change in the rotation speed of the wheel thanks to the speed control. The compact dimensions allow comfortable and easy work even in confined spaces. Thanks

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For creative hands and a long time :)

The Styrofoam cutter is designed for fine and precise shape carving with a hot string, for making short cuts and for carving larger objects with a knife and for engraving (writing, drawing) with an engraving attachment in Styrofoam. It is particularly suitable for making models and decorative objects etc. from polystyrene foam, for carving precise

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