Extol Share20V / Project for one battery

Extol Share20V / Project for one battery
The single battery system, which allows the battery to be shared between different cordless tools, is slowly becoming the standard. Such a system will not only make your job easier by taking the worry out of maintaining many different batteries, but is above all much more environmentally friendly – both for the natural environment (as it reduces the overall consumption of valuable raw materials and the generation of hard-to-recycle waste) and for your wallet. You only need one charger and one or two batteries, and you can buy other tools without these accessories, which means they are much cheaper. After all, you can compare the prices of such tools with and without a battery here.

Take a look at one project to see how smooth and carefree working with the Extol Share20V is.

For the entire project of making the feeder – which involved the laborious mixing of the concrete mix, the forming of the threaded rod, the cutting of the wooden parts and their machining and bolting together – we made do with one fully charged 20V battery pack and helped ourselves to a second. However, the work was carried out on a cold autumn day. If we had made the feeder in the warm spring or summer, the battery would have lasted much longer. In a future video, we’ll show you how much typical work you can do with different tools on a single charge.

And if you happen to want to make a similar feeder yourself, here’s a list of materials you’ll find useful 🙂


Cordless tools, accessories and materials for making the feeder:
Drill hammer
Angle grinder
Tail saw
Oscillating grinder
Drilling screwdrivers
SDS drill Ø 10 and 20 mm for concrete
Drill Ø 16 mm for wood
Stepped drill ∅ 4-20mm
Cutting wheel 115×0.8 mm
Grinding segments
Threaded rod M16 galvanized
M16 nuts (3 plain, one hat nut) galvanized
Washers 16 mm 4 pcs galvanized
Steel plate 400×400×0.8 mm (stainless steel or galvanized steel)
Wood from an old pallet
Chemical mortar
Mixing whisk
Crimping tape
Wrenches 24 mm
Walnut 24 mm
Alcohol marker
Lurex and padded gloves

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