Extol Lady – pink tools for ladies

Working with tools is not just about the occasional need to fix something and achieve a result. It’s about the joy of creative work itself. We can actively use our time, let our imagination run wild, improve our physical fitness, and relax our nerves overloaded with work and family worries. And by the way, guys aren’t the only ones who can pick up a drill or a screwdriver when something isn’t working! 🙂

If we have the right tools, work really becomes our hobby and joy. Introducing the EXTOL LADY line of tools that will finally bring the feelings of enjoyable work and the joy of accomplishment to women as well.

EXTOL LADY wants to offer women tools that understand their DIY soul, but don’t forget that they are still women. Lower weight, ergonomic shape for the female hand and unique design. All this while maintaining maximum quality.

Come and see it!

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