5-stage car battery charger, microprocessor controlled, 6/12 V, 1 A

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Small battery charger without control buttons with charging current 1 A and 4 + 1 charging stages with automatic microprocessor control designed for charging all 6 V and 12 V lead-acid (Pb) batteries with lower capacities, i.e. scooters, motorcycles, generators with electric start, etc. where, with respect to their service life, it is not desirable or is dangerous to charge them with a higher charging current, such as with microprocessor controlled chargers designed for car batteries. With respect to the charging current, this charger is suitable mainly for those who also charge lower capacity lead-acid batteries that require less charging current.
In case of car batteries and other 12 V lead-acid batteries with higher capacity, this charger can be used as a holding charger with long-term connection to the battery when the vehicle is parked for longer period and the battery is not regularly charged during driving, e.g. in winter.

Charging stage

1 – DETECTION: determination of battery type and charge level
2 – SOFT START: start-up of slow charging current
3 – BULK: charging
4 – BATTERY TEST: evaluation of battery charge level
5 – FLOAT: maintenance of constant voltage by sustaining pulsating current

  • after charging, the battery charger switches to pulsating charging, whereby it compensates for losses caused by natural discharging; it hereby keeps the battery fully charged without overcharging it, therefore prolonging its service life
  • charger indicators show the battery charging status
  • the battery charger automatically detects if it is connected to a 6 V or a 12 V battery, with the microprocessor controlling the respective charge stages
  • pulsating charging enables long-term charger connection to the battery without overcharging, which is suitable for long-term vehicle parking
  • integrated protection against sparks, short circuits and polarity reversal

technical parameters

6/12 V, 1 A

packaging info

weight: 0.45 kg
size: 26.0 x 22.0 x 5.5 cm

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