portable car battery charger, 12 V, 500 mA

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Small portable battery charger without control buttons with charging current of 0.5 A and max. voltage of 13.2 V designed for charging 12 V lead-acid batteries with a capacity of 5-125 Ah in rarely used vehicles and equipment in running order, e.g. motorcycles, scooters, cars, boats, garden machinery, generators with electric start, where the battery is low or not charged at all during operation, e.g in non-used exhibition equipment, in winter, etc. If the battery has been discharged for a long time, it will result in irreversible damage. The charger is designed for all 12 V lead-acid batteries.

  • portable battery charger designed for long-term battery connection
  • depending on the battery type being charged, the battery may not be fully charged (e.g. gel batteries need 14.4 V for full charging)
  • not as sensitive to damaged (sulphation) batteries as microprocessor controlled battery chargers, which means this charger can be used for reviving lead-acid batteries, which microprocessor controlled battery chargers would evaluate as damaged
  • very small, portable, and easy to store

technical parameters

12 V, 500 mA

packaging info

weight: 0.458 kg
size: 23.0 x 16.5 x 9.0 cm

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