electricity consumption meter – wattmeter, kW, kWh, CO2

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– current power consumption of the connected appliance in kilowatts (kW), which can be used for verification purposes if the appliance can be connected to a generator with limited output

– consumption of the connected appliance in kWh, which makes it easy to determine the operational costs of the connected appliance. If the operation of the appliance is very variable (e.g. a fridge), allow the meter to be connected for longer period of time to be able to measure all operational modes.

additional parameter

the electricity consumption meter measures the input power (kW) of connected appliances, their electricity consumption (kWh), and conversion to CO2

technical parameters

kW, kWh, CO2

packaging info

weight: 0.18 kg
size: 8.5 x 6.0 x 12.5 cm

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