Pink Utility Knife, Reinforced Metal Snap-off Blade, 18 mm, Auto-lock

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technical parameters

18 mm, Auto-lock

packaging info

weight: 0.10556 kg
size: 21.5 x 7.5 x 2.5 cm

This pink utility knife is a hand tool that consists of a handle with a retractable blade that can be extended and locked in place for use. It is commonly used for cutting various materials, including cardboard, plastic, rubber, leather, and sheet metal. Utility knives are widely used in various industries, including construction, packaging, and manufacturing. Our pink utility knife has the following features;

Special Design Cutter

You can have a fancy plume version in a vibrant pink color with strong, independent characters. All aluminum that makes up the body has been polished to provide smoothness and friction to avoid hand slipping.

Small and Lightweight

The folding size is small and doesn’t take too much storage. The rear buckle function makes transporting it in belts, pockets, and kits simple.

Anti-Slip and Ergonomic Grip

We created it for clients who desire a lock feature, a carabiner clip, and a belt hook on a knife that is sturdy but lightweight and simple to fold and open. The ergonomic design is lightweight, providing ease of usage and less hand fatigue.

Modern Technology

With this technology, you can change blades easily. You can quickly swap blades thanks to the easy-release function. Blade replacements are simple to locate. The knife has instructions for changing the blade etched on it, so you can always refer to them. Easily attaches and detaches from your backpack, belt, etc. Our renowned and top-rated pink foldable utility knife has been updated and upgraded. We ship fast and offer customization options to customers. Please, fill out the contact form to place your order.

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