shower filter insert, spare, KDF, FRESHHH

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Active component: Patented KDF filter cartridge and calcium sulphate
Mechanism: Catalytic oxidation/reduction (chemical conversion)
Use: Reduction of inorganic contaminants through the conversion of free chlorine, chloramine, iron dissolved in water, odour of hydrogen sulfide, heavy metals (arsenic, lead), etc. Antibacterial protection decreases multiplication of bacteria, fungi, and algae that form in the filter, thereby prolonging the service life of the filter (the filter does not contain any toxic elemental silver, which is added to some filters for this reason).
Filter service life: approx. 45,000 litres of water (6-12 months) depending on the levels of contamination of chlorine or other contaminants.

  • KDF filters provide antibacterial protection and have twice the service life of carbon filters


not intended for drinking water

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for shower filter 830470

packaging info

weight: 0.138 kg
size: 10.0 x 6.0 x 5.0 cm

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