small wire brushes, set 3 pcs, 180 mm (steel, nylon, brass)

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A wide range of hand wire brushes with wooden or plastic handle and bristles from nylon, steel, and brassed steel, designed for universal application, e.g. for cleaning surfaces and materials, removing paint, impurities, rust and resilient deposits, roughening of deburring, descaling, etc. Methods of use according to bristle type: 1) nylon bristles: characterised by long service life, suitable for cleaning materials that you do not want to damage or scratch 2) steel bristles: universal use, especially for removing heavy deposits, cleaning welds, derusting, etc. 3) brassed steel bristles: for light shaping of surfaces and deburring; 4) brass bristles: for use on brass, copper, and in areas with risk of fire or explosion since brass bristles do not generate sparks 5) stainless steel bristles: for use in cases where traces of iron from conventional steel brushes are undesirable, e.g. after machining stainless steels, aluminium, aluminium alloys, and other non-ferrous metals

  • handle made from materials resistant to solvents

additional parameter

bristle length 16 mm, ⌀: 0.5 mm nylon: 0.16 mm brass and stainless steel

technical parameters

180 mm (steel, nylon, brass)

packaging info

weight: 0.10625 kg
size: 16.0 x 21.0 x 2.0 cm

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