B Type Mason’s Hammer, 600g

Durable 600g B type Mason’s hammer with cross pane head specially designed for heavy masonry work, stone chiseling, and bricklaying.

  • The B Type Mason’s Hammer is a 600-gram hammer designed for masonry work and chiseling.
  • It features a durable forged steel head and fiberglass handle to withstand heavy use on masonry and stone.
  • The cross pane head has one flat striking face for hammering and a cross pane face with a shaped chisel edge for shaping stone and brick.
  • With its heavier head weight, this hammer delivers forceful blows for heavy chiseling, setting stone, and general masonry work.
  • The handle is securely attached to the head with a reinforced neck and wedge for a solid feel and to prevent looseness over time.
  • This is an ideal hammer for professional masons, stone workers, and bricklayers who need a heavy-duty hammer that can stand up to repetitive hard strikes.


DIN 5108, GS

additional parameter

fibreglass handle


DIN 5108, GS

technical parameters

600 g

packaging info

weight: 0.855 kg
size: 33.0 x 21.0 x 5.0 cm

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