Tow Rope/Tensile Strap with Hooks, 4 m × 50 mm, Max. Load Capacity 2,800 kg

Model: 8861160 Category:

Heavy duty 4m x 50mm tow rope rated for 2,800kg – heavy towing with durable strap and large hooks.

  • This 4-meter-long, 50-meter-wide tow rope/tensile strap is designed for any roadside emergency or heavy-duty hauling tasks.
  • It features large hooks on both ends and is rated to safely pull up to 2,800kg.
  • The durable construction ensures strength and reliability.
  • Whether you need to tow a truck, tractor, boat trailer, or other heavy equipment, this strap gets the job done.
  • The bright yellow color provides high visibility for safety.
  • This professional-grade strap is a must-have item for any truck, SUV, or vehicle owner for peace of mind on the road.

additional parameter

max. tensile strength 2746 daN, steel hooks with lock on both strap ends

technical parameters

4 m × 50 mm, max. load capacity – 2,800 kg

packaging info

weight: 0.93333 kg
size: 19.0 x 22.0 x 7.0 cm

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