2-in-1 staple & nail gun, pneumatic

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Small lightweight stapler/nailer designed for attaching textiles, foils, tarpaulins, plastics, leather, cardboard, decorative, and insulating materials, etc. to a wooden surface or wood-like materials using nails and staples. All-purpose staple gun for use with both nails and staples. Since materials have different hardnesses, the force of the impact can be easily adjusted so that the nail/staple is always driven in as deep as you need. Stapler with easy, fast and tool-less mouth opening for fast replacement of damaged or stuck nails/staples. Nail magazine with opening to check the quantity remaining. Handle coated with rubber for a comfortable hold and to dampen vibrations, does not feel cold. Adjustable air outlet enables the user to direct air away from them. Stapler in a practical case.

  • for staples and nails
  • impact force control
  • easy removal of stuck nails/staples
  • nail magazine with opening
  • rubberized handle
  • adjustable air exhaust

type of nails


nail head

2 mm

nail length


magazine capacity

100 pcs

work pressure


max. working pressure


air inlet diameter


carrying case




width x height buckles

5,7 x 1–1,25 × 19-40mm

packaging info

weight: 2.34 kg
size: 30.0 x 28.0 x 7.5 cm

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