Replacement, repair or installation of water taps

Wholesale Water Tap Replacement and Repair Tools

Extol offers professional plumbers and contractors a wide selection of high-quality tools for water tap replacement, repair, and installation projects. As a leading wholesale manufacturer, our water tap tools are designed for efficiency, durability, and ease of use on even the most demanding jobs.

Our catalog includes specialized wrenches, drill screwdrivers, and premium hole saws to remove old or damaged taps and valves, install lighting, and replace titles.

Once openings are prepped, we provide all necessary supplies for installing new taps and valves. For example, we offer cartridge shower mixer taps, pitch bath taps, spout bath taps, and more.

At Extol, we understand that time is money for professional tradesmen. That’s why we manufacture and distribute reliable, specialized water tap tools to help get plumbing jobs done efficiently. Contact us to open a wholesale account and stock your warehouse or trucks with our full line of tap replacement and installation tools.

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