Best Hot Melt Glue Gun, ⌀ 7.2 mm, 25 W, pink

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Meet the perfect tool for crafting projects, the EXTOL LADY best hot melt glue gun, bonding a variety of materials quickly and precisely.



power consumption


max. input power


glue gun stick diameter


adhesive capacity


activation time


bonding temperature


materials for gluing

plastics, ceramics, leather, paperboard, wood, some metals



packaging info

weight: 0.21875 kg
size: 20.0 x 14.0 x 6.0 cm

Our best hot melt glue gun’s delightful pink design brings a splash of color to the crafting arsenal while delivering impressive performance. It’s perfect for fast and durable bonding of paper, cork, wood, leather, textiles, plastics, ceramics, and even metals. Operating at a voltage/frequency of 230V/50Hz, this glue gun consumes only 25W of power with a maximum input of 70W, making it energy-efficient. The 7.2mm glue gun stick diameter, combined with an adhesive capacity of 4.5g/min, allows for smooth operation and ample adhesive application. Besides, with a quick activation time of just 3-5 minutes and a bonding temperature of 200°C, you won’t be left waiting to start your work. Despite its power, the glue gun is feather-light, weighing only 78g, ensuring comfort during prolonged use. Hence, contact us today and invest in this glue gun.

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