segmented Grab Cut diamond cutting disc – dry cutting, ⌀ 150 × 22.2 × 2.3 mm

Model: 8703033 Category:


Segmented GRAB CUT diamond cutting discs are designed for professional use for the dry cutting of concrete, masonry, stone, brick and granite. They can also be used on reinforced concrete, marble, slate, sandstone and roof tiles or for tiling, paving, quartz and asphalt.

  • the disc features grooves for maximum cooling during cutting
  • exceptionally suited for cutting concrete and other hard building materials

additional parameter

max. 10,000 rpm

technical parameters

⌀ 150 × 22.2 × 2.3 mm

packaging info

weight: 0.28 kg
size: 15.5 x 15.5 x 0.5 cm

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