self-priming high pressure water cleaner/shampooer, induction motor, 3,000 W

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This powerful, all-purpose high pressure cleaner, which includes a metal pump with pistons from hardened stainless steel, is designed for cleaning surfaces and areas of stone, wood, metal and plastic. Due to its induction motor, it has a substantially longer service life than standard cleaners with carbon motors, which makes it perfect for frequent use. This product is primarily used for the cleaning of vehicles, pavements, terraces, house facades, and garden tools as well as for the removal of moss, algae, etc. It uses the effect of high water pressure to achieve this. It is also suitable for use in areas without a water supply because it features integrated suction of clean water from a tank. This suction only works if the suction hose is fully filled with water and no air is present. The spray gun nozzle, for which 5 replacements are stored in the body of the cleaner, is made from stainless steel, which significantly increases its service life and durability in case of careless handling. The hose is steel-braided and allows a max. pressure of up to 200 bar. The integrated detergent tank facilitates shampooing, with the regulator on the body of the cleaner enabling easy adjustment of the dosage during cleaning.

  • at the heart of the cleaner is an induction motor and a metal pump with hardened stainless steel pistons, both of which ensure a long service life
  • the cleaner is equipped with self-priming clean water from a tank and an integrated shampooer
  • TOTAL STOP – when work is interrupted, the pressure switch turns the engine off
  • castors for easy transport
  • stainless steel spray nozzle and 5 replacement nozzles
  • steel-braided hose allowing max. pressure of up to 200 bar.
  • the accessories can be stored in the cleaner



power consumption


max. allowable pressure


work pressure


water flow


length of pressure hose


the temperature of the water used


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