cordless hedge trimmer, 40 V Li-ion, excluding battery and charger

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Very quiet, cordless tool designed for hedge trimming in gardens and parks. High capacity battery enables long operation and high power. Due to the battery power, it is no longer necessary to worry about the power cord getting in the way, which makes operating it much more comfortable.
With the Li-ion battery, the trimmer can be charged at any time without decreasing the battery’s capacity. The Li-ion battery self-discharges very slowly, remaining charged for a long time.

  • the hedge trimmer is well balanced, ensuring less strain when operating it
  • the sharp laser-cut blades, which are protected by an aluminium bar, easily manage to cut hedges
  • the rubberized handle prevents slipping, dampens vibrations and makes holding it more comfortable
  • the safety lock stops the machine if it slips out of your hands, and the robust shield protects you against airborne cuttings
  • the swivel handle helps you to get to less accessible places
  • the battery level indicator enables you to schedule the length of work and charge another battery in time
  • rubberized, high-quality battery with Samsung cells for improved damage resistance


40V Li-ion

battery capacity


number of vibrations


hedge trimming blade length


max. branch diameter




battery charging approx


endurance – no load approx


endurance – under load with intermissions


packaging info

weight: 4.6 kg
size: 109.0 x 28.0 x 20.0 cm

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