Welding inverter 200 A Smart

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Professional, smart Extol® Industrial welding inverters with PC control are third-generation welding machines for MMA and TIG welding with state-of-the-art IGBT microprocessor technology. The welding inverter features a clear control panel with display showing the values set for the welding current. The sophisticated electronics means you can finely tune the welding current. Welding inverters can be used with special welding cables and a hose for connecting to the argon shielding gas source and a TIG burner with a tungsten electrode. This method is very efficient for welding mainly stainless steel and steel, but also cast iron, copper, titanium and nickel. TIG welding cables can be purchased separately. Welding inverters are supplied without welding cables.


HOT START – facilitates arc ignition by automatically increasing the initial ignition current compared to the originally set value for the welding current
ARC FORCE – stabilizes the ignited welding arc during welding according to the length of the welding arc. If the electrode sticks as the arc shortens, the welding inverter increases the current. If the welding arc is long, the welding inverter decreases the current to make time for the electrode to approach the material without the arc extinguishing.
ANTI STICK – decreases the welding current to the minimum (approx. 10 A), so that if the electrode sticks, it cools down and can be easily torn off
LIFT TIG (when TIG welding) – ignites the electric arc by moving the tungsten electrode away from the surface of the welded part. This method significantly contributes to electromagnetic compatibility and reduces the occurrence of tungsten inclusions to a minimum, as well as decreases electrode wear.



welding current


no-load voltage

63V-MMA, 63V-TIG

max. effective power supply

26A-MMA, 17A-TIG

protection at maximum current

32A-MMA, 25A-TIG

duty cycle MMA

při 40°C – 200A/30%, 145A/60%, 110A/100%

electrodes diameter


type of electrodes

MMA (rutile, basic, INOX…), TIG (tungsten) with additional equipment


Hot Start, Arc Force, Anti-Stick, Lift TIG


quick coupler 35-50



packaging info

weight: 5.4 kg
size: 35.0 x 25.5 x 31.0 cm

  • high duty cycle (load) at a temperature of up to 40°C ensures long-term continuous operation even when the atmospheric temperature is high
  • consistent output welding current, with exception to the situations outlined above, helps to maintain a more stable welding arc
  • fast, dynamic response reduces shocks caused by arc length fluctuations relative to current
  • when welding, less material splashing from the weld pool occurs, resulting in a high-quality weld
  • includes automatic protection against undervoltage, overvoltage, overheating, etc. If the protection is activated, a warning indicator lights up on the front panel and the output current is disconnected
  • for frequent, long-term use in dirty premises, the welding inverter is equipped with large quick couplers for welding cables with 35-50 terminations
  • due to its compact size and low weight, the welding inverter can be easily transported to any place

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