crown hole saws, general-purpose, 9 diameters: 19-64 mm, HSS/Bi-metal

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  • Bi-metal drill body with HSS teeth and holes in the wall to ensure efficient removal of drilled material
  • HSS guide drill
  • plastic case for easy transport and storage


optimum speed: dia. 19-29 mm stainless steel and steel: 150-300 rpm, plastics: 600 rpm for diameters of 35-64 mm, stainless steel and steel: 100-200 rpm, plastics: 150-300 rpm

additional parameter

⌀ 19-22-29-35-38-44-51-57-64 mm, max. drill depth 38 mm, used for: wood, plastics, plasterboard, bricks, non-ferrous and light metals, cast iron and stainless steel



technical parameters

9 diameters 19-64 mm

packaging info

weight: 1.54 kg
size: 26.0 x 6.0 x 21.0 cm

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