40T 210mm Circular Saw Blade with Sintered Carbide Teeth

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The 40T 210mm circular saw blade with sintered carbide teeth is a versatile and durable cutting tool suitable for various materials. It offers clean and precise cuts without overheating or deformation.

  • The 40T 210mm circular saw blade with sintered carbide teeth is a top-quality, versatile tool for all your cutting needs.
  • Made to fit standard saw types, this blade is perfect for cutting solid wood, chipboard, and hardwood fibreboards with precision and efficiency.
  • With its cutouts for protection against deformation and overheating, this blade is a must-have for any woodworker or DIY enthusiast.
  • The 2.2mm thickness and maximum speed of 7,000/min make it a durable and high-performing choice for various cutting tasks.


a range of quality all-purpose saw blades with sintered carbide teeth for longitudinal and transverse cutting of solid wood, chipboard and hard wood fibreboards. A wide selection of discs with various clamping hole diameters for all EN 847-1 standard saw types available on the market.

additional parameter

disc thickness 2.2 mm, max. speed 7,000/min

technical parameters

⌀ 210 × 3.0 × 30 mm, 40T

packaging info

weight: 0.6625 kg
size: 22.0 x 22.0 x 1.93 cm

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