Cordless Circular Saw, SHARE20V, 165 mm, 20 V Li-ion, Excluding Battery and Charger

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Discover our cordless circular saw, offering a combination of precision and convenience for plumbing, electrical, framing, finishing, and carpentry work.


165×1,4×16mm, SK 2mm, T24

angle of the cut


weight (including battery)


depth of cut 90°/45°


packaging info

weight: 3.7 kg
size: 35.0 x 27.0 x 18.0 cm


20V Li-ion



This robust cordless circular saw operates without cumbersome cords, ensuring maximum efficiency and freedom of movement on the job site.

Equipped with a powerful motor that delivers a speed of 3,650/min, it is designed for fast and effortless cutting of even the toughest materials.

And it features a sturdy aluminum base, which ensures maximum stability and cutting accuracy. Besides, with a 165×1.4x16mm, SK 2mm, T24 disc, it can achieve cutting depths of 50mm at 90° and 35mm at 45° angles.

Our cordless circular saw provides the ability to tilt the cutting angle up to 45°, as well as a guide rail for longitudinal cutting.

The cutting depth and oblique angle can be easily adjusted for versatile and precise cutting. And An integrated exhaust system helps maintain a clean working environment, while the electronic brake ensures the disc stops quickly when work is interrupted.

In addition, weighing just 3.1kg (including battery), the saw features a soft rubber handle with an ergonomic design, providing superior comfort and balance for easy cutting.

For regular tasks, one or two 2,000mAh batteries are sufficient and can be charged using a fast charger. For more demanding or extended jobs, we recommend 4,000mAh batteries for optimal performance. These batteries are compatible with all EXTOL SHARE 20V tools, offering versatility and convenience for your entire tool collection.

Our cordless circular saw utilizes advanced Li-ion battery technology, allowing for charging anytime without affecting the battery’s capacity. Plus, the Li-ion battery self-discharges very slowly, ensuring it remains charged and ready for use over extended periods.

In short, enhance your toolkit with the powerful and reliable circular saw, an indispensable addition for professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

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