Vacuum Cleaner Cordless, SHARE20V, 20 V Li-ion, 2,000 mAh

Model: 8891872 Category:

Presenting this EXTOL PREMIUM vacuum cleaner cordless, a versatile and efficient cleaning solution designed for dry vacuuming at home or in the car.

weight (including battery)


battery charging approx


air flow rate



≥ 3,8kPa

packaging info

weight: 2.9 kg
size: 62.0 x 19.0 x 14.0 cm


20V Li-ion

battery capacity


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Our vacuum cleaner cordless is ideal for doing smaller cleaning duties without the inconvenience of using a conventional electric vacuum because it is powered by a 20V Li-ion battery with a 2000mAh capacity. The battery can be recharged whenever you want without reducing its capacity thanks to Li-ion technology, guaranteeing that it always remains charged and ready for use. This vacuum cleaner cordless is incredibly lightweight and handy, with a total weight of about 1.2kg, including the battery. And it charges the battery in around 55 minutes and is immediately ready for use. Also, it has a floor nozzle, extended suction tube, brush end, narrow nozzle, and flexible hose, making it versatile for various cleaning tasks. The 500ml dust container is simply detachable, can be easily emptied, and can be reattached with a button thanks to the bagless design, which avoids buying replacement bags. Our cordless vacuum cleaner features a fine HEPA filter and a pre-filter for optimum filtering effectiveness. Further, the pre-filter helps prevent clogging of the HEPA filter, making it especially ideal for allergy sufferers. Both filters and the dust container can be washed with running water for easy maintenance. Additionally, the included hose is perfect for vacuuming in confined spaces, such as cars, ensuring you can reach every nook and cranny. For regular tasks, one or two 2000mAh batteries will suffice, while more demanding or extended jobs may require larger batteries with capacities of 4000-8000mAh. The battery features a charge indicator compatible with all EXTOL SHARE20V series tools. In summary, invest in our vacuum cleaner cordless for a reliable and efficient cleaning solution.

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