twin cutter, 125 mm, 900 W

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The twin cutter is equipped with a unique system of two inseparable discs that rotate in opposite directions, which not only improves safety by preventing kickback by balancing the conflicting forces at work, but also provides greater cutting power and a very clean cut. The twin cutter is designed for dry cutting.
It is also suitable for cutting mixed materials, e.g. wood with nails or sheet metal padded with wood, etc.



power consumption




two-disc system 2v1

2× ⌀ 125 mm

depth of cut





discs for wood and metal, lubrication sticks

packaging info

weight: 4.13 kg
size: 47.0 x 19.0 x 16.5 cm

  • the material composition of the double discs means the twin cutter can be used for cutting wood, plastic, steel, non-ferrous metals and sheet metal, e.g. wood with non-hardened nails and screws
  • with a diamond disc, you can cut stone, tiles and glass
  • end piece for connecting exhaust for clean working environment
  • speed control for speed adjustment according to material hardness and the specifications for better cutting efficiency and cut appearance
  • by using lubrication sticks you can extend disc service life and sharpness
  • since the cutting discs feature sintered carbide tips, the twin cutter can be used for cutting in areas where angle grinders are prohibited due to fire regulations
  • with opposing discs, cutting into the surface of materials has never been easier

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