Electric Hand Planer, 900 W, Rebates 24 mm

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Experience advanced woodworking with the EXTOL PREMIUM electric hand planer, a tool that redefines power and robustness.



power consumption




planing width


cutting depth


rabbeting depth





collection bag

packaging info

weight: 4.25 kg
size: 34.5 x 17.5 x 20.0 cm

Fueled by a formidable 900W operation, our electric hand planer can efficiently fold up to an unprecedented depth of 24mm. What sets it apart is its unique design. The sole of the planer features three different depth grooves for chamfering and a protective mandrel. This mandrel safeguards the blades and the area beneath the planer from damage when work is interrupted. Integrated with high-resistance HSS planing blades, this tool offers a prolonged service life. It features an integrated system for extracting sawdust and chips into a collection bag that can be attached from both sides. And this ensures your workspace remains clean and the process is smooth. Furthermore, with a design, our planer accommodates both right and left-handed operations. Despite its impressive features and powerful performance, it weighs only 3.2kg, making it easy to handle and operate. Consequently, contact us today and order this electric hand planer.

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