Air Compressor for Impact Wrench, Oil-lubricated, 1800 W, 24 L

Model: 8895310 Category:




power consumption




tank volume


max. pressure

8bar (0,8MPa)

suction power


filling performance

170l/min (4bar), 137l/min (8bar)

filling time




packaging info

weight: 26 kg

You can use your impact wrench and other pneumatic tools for many things. However, it would help if you had an effective, efficient, and right air compressor to run it. The air compressor for impact wrench in the market come in different brands, gallon tank sizes, and even air output. You must choose a suitable one to provide you with the proper efficiency levels. Extol provides you with an oil-lubricated air compressor for an impact wrench that will offer you excellent service. Our company provides you with an energy-efficient, steady, and smart air pressure solution.

What to consider when choosing an air compressor for an impact wrench

Like every other purchase in the market, you must carefully consider the compressor you will buy to power your wrench. The following are the compressor features you should pay attention to:

How big is the compressor?

The right-size air compressor should be about 1/3 of the power of the air impact wrench. During your purchase, check the manual instructions under the product description. The maximum pressure, number of air outlets, and size will be clearly stated. Extol comes with a 230/50HZ voltage, 1500W power consumption, and a 24L tank capacity. This makes it a perfect choice for your home air compressor.

Consider the working pressure

You may be wondering how much pressure is best. Air compressors work best at optimum pressure. Thus, you must check the working air pressure of the compressor you want to buy. The value determines the minimum pressure the compressor can provide during operation. Choose a compressor with more air pressure than your air wrench’s minimum pressure depending on the specific air pressure you need. Extol provides an 8-bar working pressure compressor. Also, with our compressor, you can use a control valve at the compressor outlet to stabilize the air pressure supplied to the air wrench.

Compressor gallon amount for impact wrench

Compressor sizes vary depending on the gallon size. A suitable air compressor tank size is about 24L. However, you can choose a larger tank if an average air tank size does not meet your needs. This will hold enough compressed air to produce more force. On the flip side, you can have a 1-gallon air compressor for minor jobs. Extol provides a standard 24L air compressor for an impact wrench, and it will deliver the Psi at your desired working pressure.


It would help if you had a portable compressor for a smaller project like an air impact gun. Extol is a little air compressor; you can easily transport it to where you need it due to its portable size. The air compressor’s tank is compact, making it the best small air compressor. You can also use it for applying paint with a spray gun, cleaning with compressed air with a blow gun, sandblasting, oiling or washing with a spray gun, and filling with air with a filler tire.

Plans for future service

The care of your air compressor is an efficient long-term investment. Hence, you must consider the future running costs, such as maintenance and servicing fees, during your purchase. The air compressor will require good support for optimal functioning. While several manufacturers are in the field, ensure you buy from a professional and experienced company like us. Extol will ensure your air compressor has a long running life.

Best air compressor for impact wrench

If you’re looking for the best cheap air compressor, know that the prices of air impact wrench compressors in the market vary depending on the size, air hose, drain valve, and other features. The following is the best choices for use with your impact wrench:

Extol oil lubricated air compressor, 1800W,24L

Extol oil lubricated air compressor for impact wrench is reliable and efficient. You can install it alongside your air wrench to create a profitable installation that works for you It is a perfect air compressor because of its energy efficiency and steadiness. Also, you can easily maintain the machine to ensure a longer tool life. The following are some maintenance tips: Ensure you use the correct oil for your installation Periodically check your hose for corrosion or cracking Regularly drain the reliever tanks for smooth running Check for air or oil leaks in the air impact wrenches to ensure efficiency and save on cost Extol has simple controls that are easy to learn, and you can do it yourself. Other features of Extol Lightweight air compressor: It has a lightweight design and handles that make it easily transportable It’s the best portable air compressor for impact wrenches Works in all weather conditions: It’s perfect for winter and summer. Even in cold weather, you can use the extension cord to power it. Quick recovery time: Extol has a short recovery time for its PSI, and you don’t have to wait long to start your next project Pros It has wheels making it easily portable Simple installation Easily accessible parts Has reduced space usage Affordable price

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