oil-lubricated air compressor, 2,200 W, 50 l

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The two-piston oil air compressor with a 50l pressure vessel is designed for use wherever compressed air is needed, e.g., The balanced high outlet pressure of 8 bar and suction power of 356l/min allows to drive of a wide range of pneumatic tools. We use a powerful 2200W motor on this compressor, a twin-piston compressor, and a larger 50l tank which gives it a larger supply of compressed air, allowing it to work with more powerful pneumatic machines that need a large airflow. Examples include paint spray guns with large nozzles, more powerful impact tighteners, or larger angle grinders. The compressor is equipped with two pressure gauges. One gauge displays the tank pressure, and the other displays the output pressure. This output pressure can be precisely adjusted using the control valve. To increase the lifetime of the machine, we use durable metal filters on the air inlet. The oil-lubricated design ensures higher performance and longer machine life. There is a condensate drain valve on the tank. Easy handling of the compressor is ensured by castors and a solid handle.



power consumption




tank volume


max. pressure

8bar (0,8MPa)

suction power


filling performance

300l/min (4bar), 228/min (8bar)

filling time




packaging info

weight: 43 kg

Air compressors have become vital tools in workshops, factories, and even your house garage operation. The air compressors come in various designs, sizes, and shapes. Air compressors supply air to fill objects like tires or inflatable pool toys. Typically, air compressors use a storage tank, gas or electric motor, a discharge valve, and a pump to compress air. The central pneumatic air compressor made by Extol has an oil storage tank with a 50l capacity. Extol offers an oil-lubricated compressor you can use for simple projects without hassle. It has excellent suction power, filling performance, and a reasonable filling time to ensure your work runs smoothly. Its weight is manageable, and if you can’t carry it, it has wheels you can use to move it quickly to your convenience.

How do air compressors work?

The pneumatic air compressor forces the normal atmospheric air to create potential energy that you can store in the tank for future use. When you release the compressed air, the pressure builds up and is converted to kinetic energy that you can harness in powering various pneumatic tools. All air compressors function in the same manner. They use the pump to move and collect air into the gallon tank. You can connect your pneumatic tools at the end of the compressor hose You can use this pneumatic compressor for your AC units and other air tools responsible for the automation, efficiency, and shelter of your everyday life

A review of central pneumatic air compressor

Extoltool is among the most used brands since they have a range of picks and categories you can choose from. The following are some things you should know about the 8-gallon air compressor type:


It has thermal overload protection that protects it from overheating Direct drive induction motor for optimum operation Wheels for easy mobility An easy-to-carry handle that makes moving the air tool easy Clear oil window view for refill and maintenance Maximum protection from high-impact ABS shroud It uses flow controllers

Central pneumatic power

The central pneumatic compressor comes with a motor that runs at 2HP, which makes its power just enough for your home use and for small projects. For larger projects that need an air compressor constantly running for many hours, avoid the 2 hp 8-gallon brand. There’s a big difference between commercial and home applications The 2 hp 8-gallon power is perfect for air tools that can fill fast and not commercial work. The air compressor will leave you with gaps when you need to refill its tank, affecting your commercial work’s efficiency.

What’s the capacity of the air compressor?

The air compressor has a capacity of 8 gallons, and this should be enough to take you through the day. For tire inflation or any other light air tool work, the 8-gallon will serve you effectively and efficiently without having to refill it. However, the tank could get exhausted earlier if you use it for several small tasks. You need to schedule the time you will take to refill the equipment. This way, you get to plan appropriately for the hindrances that the downtime may cause. Alternatively, you could ensure you let your air compressor run overnight after the day’s work so it can refill to capacity, and you can always start each day with a full gallon.

How the central pneumatic air compressor operates

Our central pneumatic air compressor operates effectively under any weather. It has a direct-drive induction motor that allows it to operate very well. Our 8-gallon pneumatic compressor might produce noise as it runs, and you must be ready to deal with it when deciding to buy it. If you live in a noise-sensitive place, you should have measures in place to avoid causing a disturbance. The noise produced by the compressor is about 88 DB at 1M, and it’s not very hard to silence that. Our air compressor has thermal overload protection, and you don’t have to worry about cases of overheating or running beyond its capacity.

Applications of the central pneumatic air compressor

The central pneumatic compressor has a power and capacity balance that is not ideal for large projects. This compressor can help you with the following tasks: medium inflatables brad nailing airbrushing stapling air hammer die grinder impact wrench roofing ratchet wrench hobby paint spraying framing inflating tires

Benefits of the central pneumatic air compressor

The advantage of working with our central pneumatic compressor includes the following: It has a high resistance to mechanical damage. Its body is metallic, and you’ll save money from fewer repairs. The pneumatic compressor is more reliable than electric ones because it has few components requiring fewer service repairs. Its internal components are metallic and have a longer life. The pneumatic tool is compact, and you’ll notice it requires less cleaning of the work site. The gallon tank can store any unused air. It gives a cost-effective power operation for your projects like nail guns. It’s portable and easily fits in a small working area or the trunk of your car when you need to move it. Refilling your compressor tank is free.

How to get the best price on a pneumatic air compressor

When purchasing your pneumatic air compressor, you should not only look at the technical parts like the air output and tank size. You need to factor in the cost of the air compressor. The price quoted for the 8-gallon air compressor shouldn’t be out of range but something affordable. To ensure you get the best deal, you can visit the seller’s websites and compare prices. Extol offers you an affordable price quote, and it’s well within your budget.

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