Manufacture of wooden shelves

Essential Tools for Wooden Shelves Manufacture

When crafting wooden shelves, precision and stability are paramount. Extol’s Quick-Release Clamps, available in 200 mm and 450 mm sizes, are designed to meet the demands of professional wooden shelf manufacturers. These clamps feature a jaw depth of 70 mm, allowing for a secure grip on various materials. The innovative design of both jaws, which revolve and slide, provides rapid adjustment capabilities that save time and enhance productivity before final tightening.

The clamps boast an impressive clamping force of up to 95 kg, ensuring that components remain firmly in place during the assembly or gluing process. The quick-release mechanism is a significant advantage, allowing for swift and effortless adjustments. With a weight of 0.84583 kg for the 200 mm clamp and 1.21667 kg for the 450 mm clamp, these tools are robust yet manageable, making them an ideal choice for continuous use in a busy workshop environment.

Extol’s commitment to quality and efficiency makes these clamps an essential addition to the toolkit of any wooden shelf manufacturing operation, providing the reliability and performance needed to produce high-quality, durable shelving.

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