Flower and tree care

Durable Cable Ties for Securing Plants

Extol offers heavy-duty cable ties ideal for flower and tree care applications. As a professional wholesale manufacturer of high-quality tools, our nylon cable ties securely fasten stems, vines, branches, and more.

We supply UV-resistant white and black zip ties in multiple sizes to support plants as they grow. The 250 x 4.8mm ties withstand up to 22kg tension and the 300 x 4.8mm size supports over 22kg. These industrial-grade fasteners resist weathering and abrasion.

The ribbed design firmly grips plants without slipping or damaging delicate bark. Nylon construction also provides flexibility to avoid constricting growth. Ties effortlessly glide to tighten around stems and branches thanks to the smooth locking head.

Once pulled snug, the ratcheting action prevents reverse movement so ties maintain a tight hold. Gardeners simply cut away excess tail material for a clean, professional finish.

As a business-to-business supplier, Extol sells cable ties in bulk packs for efficient use across nurseries, orchards, farms, and commercial landscaping jobs. High-volume purchases keep crews fully stocked for seasonal pruning and training new growth.

Contact our wholesale team to order durable, reusable zip ties purpose-built to support trees, shrubs, vines, and flowering plants. We help large-scale growers affordably secure plants safely in place until reaching maturity.

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