Water pumping and irrigation

Water Pumping and Irrigation Tools

Extol offers a wide selection of professional-grade water pumping and irrigation tools for agricultural, commercial, and residential applications. As a leading wholesale manufacturer, we provide high-quality products to meet all your water distribution needs.

Choose from oscillating sprinklers, hose connectors, valves, and tap connectors for efficient garden and landscape watering. Submersible drainage and sewage pumps reliably move water for drainage, irrigation, and water feature projects.

All Extol pumps and irrigation components are made from durable materials like corrosion-resistant stainless steel, brass, and shatterproof plastics to withstand heavy use. Products feature anti-slip and anti-leak designs for safety and water conservation.

Rely on Extol’s water pumping and irrigation tools to efficiently transport water with less waste. We wholesale high-performing, affordable products to irrigation professionals across many industries. Contact us today for wholesale pricing and expert recommendations.

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