Pink Tools: Cordless Hammer Drill & Screwdriver, Pink, 12 V Li-ion, 2000 mAh, in Tool Bag

Model: 402403 Category:



12V Li-ion

battery capacity



I. 0-375/min, II. 0-1400/min

hammer – number of hits

I. 0-5625/min, II. 0-21000/min

drill bit diameter


max. torque


battery charging approx


weight (including battery)


packaging info

weight: 3.3 kg
size: 43.0 x 28.0 x 9.5 cm

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Tools come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. The pink tools are a selection of various goods covered in pink sheaths. They’re the right tools for your do-it-yourself exercises and with the flair you need without compromising their strength. They are your go-to options if you desire to expand your tool kit. Pink power tools are readily available in the market, and our company provides a tool kit with all you need. The set comes at an affordable price. You can get a quote online on our website and shop immediately. The pink power tool come in a bag and are perfect for women who value organization. Instead of the random purchase of various power tool from your favorite local store or online shop, we provide tools organized in a bag for women, and you can get all you need with one purchase. You’ll love the bag’s exterior and interior details. We have a top-selling pink tool kit with most tools, like a screwdriver, that you need for maintenance. We also have accessories that come with our toolset; you don’t have to buy them separately.

Tools we have

Our premium craftmanship power tool give powerful drill that meet all the demands of commercial work. However, we have the Hobby extol craft package, a single-purpose ad cordless drill that deals with work in your home and workshop. With time and careful maintenance, these tools will serve you long. The following is the pink tool kit combo we have specially selected for women.

Pink Hammer

Extol provides a lightweight pink and mighty hammer perfect for hammering. The hammer’s main advantage is that it’s pink and perfect for women. It has a simple design and comes in handy in most home duties. Basically, it’s very convenient for quick fixes around the house; whether you’re hanging pictures or kitchen holders, this power tool will come in handy. Also, the hand tool’s low weight makes long work periods comfortable and can fit in most of your bags, which is the reason why our customers love it.

Pink cordless drill

Our cordless drill is powerful and lightweight, with impact drivers for loosening and tightening bolts and screws. The best part about it is that it can drill into wood plastics, brick walls, and metals. All this is made possible by a reliable, long-proven, and high-performance motor. It also comes with an all-metal gearbox for efficiency and successful work, even when dealing with heavy loads. Also, the drill has a chuck lock that makes it easy to change the drill bits using one hand. The LED light at the bottom of the drill illuminates the work area. The light turns on immediately after you hold the trigger, making it better for a job in dark places or when poor lighting can’t illuminate where you want to fix it. The drill is battery-powered and small in size, making it easy to squeeze and use in tight areas where big tools won’t fit. It works perfectly for jobs in a tiny workplace and when you need to carry your tools all the way across town for a job. The battery comes with a charge indicator. It also uses Li-ion technology, making it rechargeable at any time while maintaining its capacity. Also, it loses energy very slowly because of its ability to self-discharge. Therefore, you can use it for a long time without stopping your work to recharge or constantly checking the battery life. Storing the drill is simple because it has a beautiful pink case, and you don’t have to go through the hassle of finding a storage case. The best part about cordless drill is that it also comes with other basic tools for easy tasks within the apartment to make it better.

3m Tape measure

The pink power tools include a tape measure, which has rubber-gripped.

Utility knife

The bag also has a utility knife storage with pink power tools.

The pliers

The pliers in the pink power set have good rubber handles and enough space for your hands, making their home use comfortable.

Tool bag

Our pink power bag comes with multiple pockets you can use for various hand tools. It has a perfect fit for a woman’s hands. You can fill it with dozens of tools, eliminating the need to search for lost ones while on a job. The numerous pockets also make it easy to sort your tools and account for every one of them. In addition to these things mentioned above, in this case, you’ll find: A stainless 8.5″ scissors A flat 2.5*50mm watchmaker’s screwdriver A PH00*50mm watchmaker’s screwdriver A double-color screwdriver holder 1/4″ A 12-piece set of drill bits and screwdriver bits 2 Tweezers and a pair of pink gloves

Features of our tools

Here is what we do to make sure products from our shop meet your expectation: We randomly select products and test them in our laboratories We have real-life testing. We have a final quality inspection for safety, functionality, and packaging. During mass production, we have a quality check Our dedicated expertise, competitive price ranges, and thoughtful customer service have made us trusted sellers in the market. You can get more information about our services on our website.

Benefits of buying pink tool

The items have low weight, and working isn’t tedious Cordless power tools are effective for moving around They are small, making it simple to work in constrained work environments and pack them in compact bags. The added lighting features make working in the dark easier Join the list of shoppers who frequent our stores and get the right tools for your everyday jobs.

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