Cordless Nailer Stapler, 4 V Li-ion, 1,300 mAh, USB charging

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This EXTOL cordless nailer stapler is a versatile and reliable tool for various applications, such as attaching textiles, foils, and more to wooden surfaces.

battery capacity


impact – number of hits

~30/min, 900 for one charge

width × height buckles


height of the nail


battery charging approx



USB charger

weight (including battery)


magazine capacity

110 pcs staples, 60 pcs nails

packaging info

weight: 1.125 kg
size: 23.5 x 17.0 x 6.0 cm


4V Li-ion

Powered by a 4V Li-ion battery with a capacity of 1300mAh, our cordless nailer stapler provides a substantial number of hits (~30/min, up to 900 for one full charge). The battery can be fully charged within approximately 2.5-3 hours using standard USB chargers, PCs, or power banks. \This gives it the convenience of charging in various locations, even in areas with limited power supply options. The tool’s lightweight design, with a total weight of 0.6kg, including the battery, ensures comfortable handling and usage even for extended periods. Moreover, this cordless nailer stapler can accommodate 110 pcs of staples and 60 pcs of nails in its magazine, enhancing its utility. With the high-quality rubber body to decrease vibrations, it provides superior user comfort. Its exceptional design allows for staples with dimensions 11.3×6-14mm (width × height) and nails of height 10-14mm. And it also features a light charge indicator for easy monitoring of the battery status. Overall, contact us today and invest in this nailer stapler.

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