cordless hammer drill, SHARE20V, 2.6 J, SDS Plus, BRUSHLESS, 20 V Li-ion, 4,000 mAh

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The powerful cordless hammer drill is designed for fast drilling in brick and concrete with SDS plus drill bits and smaller jobs. The hammer drill has a vertically mounted motor, which allows much higher performance than hammer drills with a horizontally mounted motor. The hammer drill is powered by a state-of-the-art “brushless” motor. This new type of motor is longer lasting, more powerful, and uses less power than conventional carbon brush motors. Thanks to the powerful pneumatic impact system, it is able to drill much faster and more efficiently than impact drills. All settings for the types of work are integrated into one 4in1 switch on which you can select one with the drilling, hammer drilling, chiseling, or chisel position settings. Its main advantage is the battery power, which allows you to take the hammer with you wherever you need to work with it, regardless of whether there is a power supply. The hammer drill is equipped with reverse gear for easy extraction of a jammed drill bit and speed control that can be used according to the material being drilled. The integrated LED lighting has a delayed shut-off and remains on for a few seconds after the hammer drill is switched off. For normal work, one or two 4000mAh batteries are sufficient, which can be quickly charged in the quick charger. For more demanding or longer work we recommend larger batteries with a capacity of 5000-8000mAh. The battery can be used in all types of EXTOL SHARE20V series tools. Thanks to the Li-ion technology used, it can be recharged at any time without reducing its capacity. The Li-ion battery loses energy very slowly due to self-discharge and lasts a long time charged and is ready for use.


20V Li-ion

battery capacity




hammer – number of hits


impact force


max. drilling into wood


max. drilling into concrete


max. drilling into steel


battery charging approx


weight (including battery)


packaging info

weight: 6.75 kg
size: 46.0 x 32.0 x 12.5 cm

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